Pre-Compacted Nappy Bin Refills Value Pack For Tommee Tippee Twist & Click

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10x10M=100M Baby Nappy Bin Pre-Compacted Refill Pack for Tommee Tippee Sangenic

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New innovative design!

Our premium product is now manufactured using the latest patented technology and PET plastic, which is designed to automatically decompose into the soil after two years.

Use our time saver of Qlemon pre-compacted films to refill your empty Tommee Tippee/Closer to Nature Sangenic nappy bin cassettes. Lasts approximately 16 weeks (4 months) with regular use per 100m.

Fitting is taking less than 30 SECONDS! In less time than it takes to read the instructions. 

These baby nappy refills for Sangenic/Tommee Tippee twist and click bins are pre-compacted to save you time rolling your own!


1. Please occasionally disinfect the bin (inside and out) with Glen20 or an equivalent product to reduce the bacterial count on the bin’s surfaces. 

2. Please ensure the end knot is pulled tight and latched on to the underside of the bin lid compartment hook. 

FREE shipping and online tracking within Australia!

Equivalent to buying approximately 10 standard Sangenic cassettes and will save you more than $100 over buying individual Sangenic cassettes at full price.

Compact and easy to store. Have it on hand to quickly refill Sangenic Tec cassettes and continue using your Tommee Tippee/Closer to Nature Sangenic nappy bin.

Warning: Plastic film can be dangerous. To avoid suffocation keep plastic film away from babies and children. Do not store in or near babies’ sleeping areas.

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100M, 200M, 400M


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